Scat Mat

Amazing Mat Gets Your Pet To Behave When Other Means Fail

Keeps Paws Off Doors, Windows, Tables And Other Problem Areas
Recommended By Veterinarians & Animal Behaviorists


The Amazing Scat Mat

Scat Mat

Nothing can be more frustrating than a pet who continually tears up your window and door screens or climbs all over the furniture. Now there is an effective answer to the problem.. It's called Scat Mats.

These mats are designed to work anywhere your pet exhibits annoying, destructive or unsafe behavior.

With the Scat Mat you can say good bye to scratched furniture, torn window and door screens. As well as no more hair covered sofas, walking on tables, countertops, vehicles, tipping garbage cans, stalking bird cages and destroying plants.

How It Works

The Scat Mat static pulse makes it unpleasant to stand on or cross. Pets associate this unpleasantness with the spot, allowing mat removal after a few exposures.

Three static levels insure that Scat Mat is effective and safe for all animals. LOW - kittens, MEDIUM - cats and small dogs, HIGH - for long haired cats and large dogs.

What It Consists Of

Scat Mat

The Scat Mat consists of a Power Pack and a vinyl Mat with embedded wires. The components "snap" together with ease and arrive assembled, ready to use.

You only need to supply one 9 volt alkaline battery. The Scat Mat is one of the most effective solutions available for location specific pet training. When all else fails, it works. Over 300,000 are in use and the average satisfaction rating exceeds 8 on the 10 point rating scale.

Habituated behavior patterns are often correctable through simple avoidance of problem spots.

When positioned where pet feet will be just before an unwanted behavior is exhibited (i.e.: scratching, soiling, etc.), the Scat Mat sends a strong message to the pet while it is 'thinking' about performing an undesirable act.

Most pets quickly associate this unpleasant experience with the location. To avoid similar static sensations they begin to avoid the area.

Other reasons why Scat Mat works:

The static sensations generated are sufficiently surprising and unpleasant. These sensations communicate an immediate 'Leave now' message.

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